Line Splitters

Intended for creating galvanically isolated feeds for such purposes as recording from a P.A. system, or connecting several recording machines to one mixer, these passive, transformer isolated splitters will be found useful both in the studio, and as "toolkit" items, handy for the elimination of ground loops etc.

Available in two formats, the single channel version is built in a rugged diecast box, fitted with four XLR style connectors, the splitter has a female input, feeding directly to the male direct output. The two male transformer isolated outputs have associated ground lift switches. These switches feature a third position where pin 1 is capacitively coupled to 0V. The six channel version offers the same facilities, packaged in a similar manner to the EMO E340 mic splitter.

  • Frequency response:
    ±0.2dB, 20Hz-20kHz
  • Maximum level:
  • Distortion:
    0.0015% @1kHz, +26dBu
  • Insertion loss:
    3dB, for 600 ohm load
  • Output loss:
    2dB, for short on associated secondary
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