Microphone Splitters

These professional quality microphone splitters are available in two formats, either free-standing or panel mounting.

The microphone splitters have three outputs in either format, one direct and two transformer coupled, one of which will pass phantom power to the input. The microphone splitter is fitted with two phase change switches and an earth lift switch; this combination will solve most operational problems. The panel mounting microphone splitter is suitable for permanent installation in OEM equipment, studios, OB vans, mobile sound systems, etc.

If a multiple splitter is required, the 19" rack frame will accomodate up to six units. E535 panel-mounting DI boxes may be mixed in the same frame and E337 blanking plates may be used to take up unused space.

  • Frequency response:
    20Hz to 20kHz±0.25dB
  • Input level:
    Maximum at 30Hz + 4dBm
  • Dimensions:
    Free-standing 145 x 96 x 50mm
  • Weight:
  • Rack frame:
    483mm (19") x 133mm (3U) x 100mm
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