Direct Injection Boxes

High quality passive direct injection boxes with multipurpose inputs and output. The units are suitable for both broadcast, studio and public address work. Available in single and dual channel versions. Also in 19" rackmounting multichannel formats. Multipurpose - works from pickup, amp, speaker outputs and even 100 volt line etc. Output fully floating, nom. 10mV. Suitable for mixer input impedances 200 ohms upwards. Earth lift switch on E520, E525 and E545 minimises hum problems (not fitted on E540). Safety-isolated to 1kV (standard types), 4kV (high isolation type). Robust, housed in strong diecast metal box, with durable epoxy coating. Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 35mm (single unit) - 120 x 95 x 36mm (dual unit).

The E580 offers eight channels of passive DI box in a 1U rack mounting format for applications where rack space is limited and multichannel operation is required. Reversible rack ears and internal headers allow the user to be flexible in their choice of operating mode and mounting position. The unit has the same technical specifications as the other EMO DI boxes.

  • Frequency response:
    20Hz to 20kHz±0.25dB
  • Input level:
    Maximum at 30Hz + 4dBm
  • Dimensions:
    Free-standing 145 x 96 x 50mm
  • Weight:
  • Rack frame:
    483mm (19") x 133mm (3U) x 100mm
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